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Employer Services

The employee benefits landscape is ever-changing. Coastal Wealth Management, LLC. is your local team dedicated to the successful integration of quality benefits at your place of business.

We can help you create a custom benefits package for your business from start to finish, or if you already have benefits in place, we can help you fine-tune your plan in the best interest of your business and your employees.


Retirement Plans

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Defined Contribution
  • Safe Harbor
  • Individual 401(k)
  • Payroll-Deduction IRA

As a business owner or director of benefits, you know the importance of trust and respect between you and your employees. Offering a retirement plan is a commitment, but a qualified retirement plan is one of the most motivating and valuable incentives an employer can offer to his or her employees.

Many angles must be considered when creating or changing a plan, such as fiduciary responsibilities, QDIAs, and fee evaluations. We will be by your side to help ensure that you end up with a plan both suitable and practical for your business.

At Coastal Wealth Management, LLC., we partner with industry leaders and award-winning recordkeepers likeAmerican Funds, Fidelity Investments, and Transamerica, giving us the flexibility to establish cost efficient, ERISA-compliant plans that meet the needs of your employees.


Health Care

Health Care is an increasingly integral part of employment in the United States. Because of its inherent complexity involving regulations and administration (such as those laid out in the Affordable Care Act), proper guidance is crucial to offering a successful health care plan to your employees.

We partner with nationally recognized firms the in health care brokerage and consulting space. We do this to achieve three primary goals for our clients:

  • To deliver compliant, dependable health care for your employees, whether you employ a team of 10, or an organization of 1,000 employees.
  • To provide the resources, experience, and education necessary for employees to understand the options available to them so they may best care for their families.
  • To broker potentially lower premiums with insurance carriers for the purpose of saving you and your employees money.

Ancillary & Voluntary Benefits

A retirement plan such as a 401(k) is only one part of overall financial wellness for employees. To create a comprehensive benefits package, Coastal Wealth Management LLC. serves as an access point to a wide array of benefits, such as group-wide hospital indemnity insurance, or voluntary life insurance coverage offered on an individual-basis.

Accident, Critical Illness, Disability, Life Insurance, Dental and Vision are examples of helpful coverage that can be offered to your employees in the form of voluntary benefits. The advantages of offering these benefits to your employees on a voluntary basis are:

  • Premiums can be conveniently deducted via payroll, premiums may be tax-advantaged, lowering an employee’s taxable income, and premiums on coverage acquired through an employer are often lower than what employees could purchase on their own.
  • Coverage acquired through an employer also often provides a level of guaranteed issue to employees.
  • Voluntary benefits allow employees to select only the benefits they view as necessary, creating a safety net unique to their needs.
  • This creates a more robust benefit package for your business or corporation, which can be offered entirely on a voluntary-basis (employee-paid) at no cost to the employer.

Our licensed life and health advisors partner with insurance carriers like Colonial Life, Guardian Life, and Principal Financial to bring ancillary and group benefits directly to your place of work. We coordinate with our insurance carriers to create annual enrollment schedules and on-site employee education that fit the busy schedules of you and your employees.


Tuition & Student Loan Debt Assistance

Did you know, that according to a study conducted by the ASA, about 4 out of 5 of young workers would commit to their employer for 5 years if they helped pay off their student loans? We can help you provide your employees with strategies for controlling future college expenses for their children and loved ones.

Employers are often surprised to learn all of the different ways that they can assist employees and their employees’ family members with the burden of tuition costs and student loan debt. At Coastal Wealth Management, LLC., we view the rising costs of education as a critical area of financial planning. Because of this we are constantly striving to provide modern and creative solutions for our employers.

For your employees, we can help you establish:

  • Employer-sponsored 529 College Savings plans,
  • Scholarships that reduce tuition costs at over 400 colleges and universities across the United States,
  • Student debt health and wellness platforms designed to reduce the burden of employees carrying student loans and attract emerging talent.

Tuition costs and student loan debts remain an area of challenge for not only the millennial workforce, but all of America. We will help you put your best foot forward regarding the care of your employees’ financial well-being.


On-Site Education & HR Support

Often the most overlooked part of any benefits package is its actual execution. Even world-class benefits and resources will not prove effective if the employees themselves do not have access to proper education.

At Coastal Wealth Management, LLC., we take a unique approach. We help you develop or improve a benefits package designed specifically to the needs of your business or corporation, and then we follow through with a series of no-fee educational services for your employees, such as:

  • On-Site seminars
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Scheduled One-to-One Consultations

This not only promotes the financial well-being of that employee, but also eases the burden on your HR or executive staff that may be taking it upon themselves to educate the employees.

Additionally, we will work with your recruiting division to help them better understand the benefits available to new hires through your company. Our goal is to support your talent acquisition team and improve turnover rates by helping you bring the best to job fair tables, and other career promotion outlets


Benefit Plan Consultation

As an employer, executive decision maker, or benefits director, your employees depend on you to make sound decisions regarding their access to dependable, quality benefits.

We know just how complex the elements of a great benefit package can seem, and that performing due diligence on all the options available can be even more challenging. That’s where we come in.

Whether it is your company 401(K), health care, or even your dental Insurance, we want you to view us as your go-to partner on your path to implementing and administering benefits for your employees. We offer no-fee quarterly reviews and updates for employers and executive staff, are available on an as-needed basis, and offer regular benchmarking to help you maintain cost efficiency and carry out your due diligence.


Compliance & Regulation  

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) has evolved over the years to create a vast set of rules incredibly important to ensure the protection and equality of employee benefits in the workplace. By law and as a fiduciary responsibility, the regulations within ERISA must be adhered to by employers who offer health care, retirement plans, and employee benefits.

The recordkeepers, TPAs, and insurance carriers we partner with to deliver qualified retirement plans and insurance services are fully equipped to provide the necessary compliance standards needed and expected of them, such as timely and efficient 5500 reporting and nondiscrimination testing.  

Other notable areas of compliance that we can help you prepare for are,

  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • 3(21), 3(38) Fiduciary Compliance
  • Affordable Care Act
  • FMLA
  • HSAs, HRAs, & FSAs
  • Cafeteria Plans
  • Mental Health Parity