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Financial Guidance for You and Your Loved Ones

At Coastal Wealth Management, LLC. we have made it a priority to excel in the areas of service most essential to the lives of our clients. Below are insights to some of the most common services we offer. If you have questions about a service not listed, don't hesitate to contact us!

This is the cornerstone of what we do. Whether you are saving for retirement, or are retired already, our advisors will work with you to create a financial plan that aligns with your goals.

Financial planning 

Financial planning in and of itself can be broadly defined. We believe these to be 6 key elements of a strong financial plan:

Retirement Plans - IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and Thrift Savings Plans (TSPs), to name a few, are vehicles that one can use to save for retirement in a tax-favorable way.

Investment and Risk Management - Are you properly allocating your investments, taking too much risk or not enough risk?

Social Security Planning - You've worked hard your entire career; when is the right time to tap into your social security benefit, and how much more will you need to live comfortably in retirement?

Tax Planning - Have you considered the current and future impacts of taxation in your financial plan? We can work side by side with your accountant to help minimize your tax burden.

Estate Planning - Who are your beneficiaries and are they accounted for? When was the last time you updated your will? Will your estate be taxable at the state and federal levels?

Retirement Income and Cash Flow Planning - Are you saving enough and/or spending too much in order to reach your long-term goals? How much income will you need in retirement? Do you wish to leave a legacy to your loved ones or a charitable organization?


One of the biggest questions upon entering retirement is, "What do I do with my 401(k)?" We are here to provide you with next-step options for your retirement assets.

Rollover support

Rolling over your former employer-sponsored retirement plan to an IRA has many advantages including: maintaining the tax-deferred status of your retirement savings, allowing many more investment options than what you were previously provided, and having one of our skilled financial advisors help you with every step of the process.

After retiring, rolling over your 401(k) or retirement savings from your employer essentially puts you in control of the account, including contributions, matches, and any tax-deferred growth to date. Mistakes can be made if a rollover isn't handled properly, such as becoming a taxable event, or incurring penalties. Working with a financial advisor not only helps you avoid these mistakes, but also helps you create a financial plan involving your life savings so you can retire comfortably and confidently.


Investments are the driving force in any portfolio. Choosing the right investments requires evaluating individual factors such as risk tolerance, time horizon, and current and future financial security. 

Investment Services

At Coastal Wealth Management, LLC. our advisors handle trades and investment transactions for their clients on a regular basis. We have access to a very broad selection of investments and can help you choose investments for your portfolio. Below are just a few of the more common investments we offer to our investors.

Stocks (equities) - Represent actual ownership in a company, valued by and distributed in shares.

Corporate Bonds - Are loans to a specific company that make a payment (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually) to the bondholder that also pay the loan back at the end of the term.

Mutual Funds - Are a diversified holding that contain many different investments and are often actively managed by fund managers. Mutual funds also come in different share classes with varying fee structures, such as A, C, and Institutional classes.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) - Are similar to mutual funds in that they are also diversified investments, however, they trade on an exchange and can be bought or sold when the exchange is open, similar to a stock.


Annuities and insurance policies are complex financial tools that vary greatly in purpose, design, and cost. We are able to help you review existing policies, or decide if investing in one might be right for you.

Annuities and insurance

There are many types of insurance, but the three main types that we focus on for individuals are:

Life - Life insurance may be term or permanent. The former is usually more cost effective and is "rented" over a specific period of time (i.e. 10, 15, 20, or 30 years). Once the term is over, the insurance is no longer in place. Permanent insurance (i.e. IUL, GUL, Whole Life) is usually more expensive, but it covers the life of the insured and can provide many investment advantages over its counterpart.

Annuity - An annuity is a guarantee from the issuing company to pay a certain amount of money for a specific period. The premium invested can potentially grow tax-deferred via underlying investment options, and may offer stated levels of protections if invested. Over the years, annuities have branched into a few main varieties, such as indexed, fixed index, fixed, and variable. We can help you review existing annuities you may have, or consider if an annuity might be in line with your financial goals.

Long Term Care (LTC) - We're living longer and much of our aging population will need skilled nursing, home health care, and or other services provided by a health professional at some point in time. Recent studies have shown that besides taxes, health care will be the highest cost most people face during retirement. LTC helps pay for many costs associated with the care people will need when they age. Generally speaking, Medicare does not cover LTC costs. Speak with one of our advisors to learn more about LTC strategies.